Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements

In order to earn a New York State high school diploma, all students

must meet the following criteria:


Standard Requirements

(Regents Diploma)

Additional Requirements

(Advanced Regents Diploma)

English (8 Credits)


Foreign Language

(4 additional credits)




CTE coursework


CFM (1 Credit)

Global History (4 Credits)

U.S. History (2 Credits)

Government (1 Credit)

Economics (1 Credit)

Life Sciences (2 Credits)

Physical Sciences (2 Credits)

Additional Life/Physical Sciences (2 Credits)

Mathematics (6 Credits)

Art (2 Credits)

Foreign Language (2 Credits)

Physical Education (4 Credits)

Health (1 Credit)

Electives  (7 Credits)

Core Regents Exams (5)

Advanced Regents Exams

(8 + CTE Exam)





Plus 1 Option: CTE, 2nd Math or Science or Social Studies

2 additional Math

1 additional Science

CTE exam

Social Studies: Global History, U.S. History

Mathematics: Algebra CC, Geometry CC, Algebra II CC

Science: Living Environment, Earth Science, Chemistry, Physics