Founded in 2011, Bronx Design and Construction Academy is a four year career and technical education public school within the New York City Department of Education. Bronx Design has five career and technical education programs that offer rigorous integrated instruction that prepares students for entry into the competitive construction trades and post-secondary education. Our students are presented with a plethora of options upon graduation that focus on construction, engineering, and architecture. 

Not to be confused with the traditional vocational education program, Bronx Design’s CTE programs are designed to intellectually engage students through complex learning tasks. Our graduates leave Bronx Design with the potential to obtain an Advanced Regents Diploma, and earn college credits.  Our CTE programs teach the theory and science behind the trade, in addition to providing support with outside of school employment in the student’s chosen trade. Our CTE curriculum has been fitted to address the needs of 21st century employers by aligning instruction between our academic coursework and our CTE coursework.  We also connect qualified students to Driver’s Education, at no charge to families.

Bronx Design and Construction Academy is a school that offers a rigorous CTE program, preparing students for direct entry into the design and construction field and/or entry to a four-year college. Bronx Design offers Carpentry, Plumbing, HVAC, Electric, and Architectural Drafting/Pre-Engineering as CTE programs. All students receive a rigorous four year liberal arts education alongside their CTE training. We provide a challenging interdisciplinary program that ties academic skills and discipline with CTE coursework. By focusing on a skills-based approach, we help students make connections between their coursework and real-world problems so that they may find unique and tenable solutions to any problem they wish to solve.

• CTE Programs in Architecture, Plumbing, Carpentry, Electric, and HVAC
• Four-year College and Career counseling
• Interdisciplinary Curriculum
• College Access for All, CUNY College Now
• Transportation and Sustainable Energy focus
• OSHA Training and Certification

English Language Learner Programs: English as a New Language
Language Courses: Spanish, French
Advanced Placement (AP) Courses: U.S. History, English Literature, Environmental Studies
Diploma Endorsements: CTE, CDOS, Advanced Regents

After-school tutoring, Carpentry Club, Art Club, Habitat for Humanity, Model UN, Skills USA, Student Council

PSAL Sports – Boys: Baseball, Basketball, Bowling, Football, Track, Soccer, Tennis, Volleyball
PSAL Sports – Girls: Basketball, Flag Football, Volleyball